-ToRn- (or the world without William Henry Cosby Jr.)

I plan on leaving the Bill Cosby drug and rape issue in 2014 the best I can, but When the allegations came out against Bill Cosby I began thinking of what the world had been like had they surfaced back in the 60’s or 70’s and the effect one person can have on the world for good or bad.I am reaching quite a bit on a lot of these but if you have time you can put the pieces together in your spare time :

– No Angel Heart (Lisa Bonet 👀)
– No Malcolm And Eddie
– No “hot” scene in Jason Lyrics
– No Smith Kids
– No Coke and Smile jokes by Eddie Murphy in Raw
– maybe no Mos Def
– maybe not the look on Mike Tyson’s face when Robin Given’s exposed him to Barbara Walters
– no Rudy on House of Payne
– No That’s So Raven
– maybe no Geechie Dans Bootney Farnsworth Biggie Smalls
– no Fubu platinum line
– less pride in HBCU
– no first time I noticed foxy ass Dania Ramirez
– no initial inspiration for Richard Pryor
– Biggie Smalls who would later be be Notorious BIG
– Bootney Farnsworth mention on Chronic
-Garden Gatrelle (see included picture)
– Adam Sandler
-That said I was mad when he hated on black people but after losing his son I could see his perspective … Not to mention the truth hurts



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