An Artist. By, Bob Lefsetz


Wendy Day

Never does what’s expedient.

Worries about money, but never makes it paramount.

Is jealous of others’ success, but puts his head down and keeps working.

Knows when he strikes a chord, knows when he gets it right. Look for this resonance, this inner light. When you’ve achieved it, you’ll get an inner smile.

Knows a career is a journey and you learn through experience.


Lives in the world of discomfort.

Challenges himself.

Knows that love is the answer, but is sometimes poisoned by hate.

Wants a wide audience more than he wants riches.

Knows not to listen to anybody but himself. Stories in the press are inaccurate, and everyone’s an individual, on his own journey.

Plays to his strengths, not his weaknesses. Focuses on what he does right, not what he does wrong.

Is rarely good at anything else.

Dies inside when he is not creating.

Questions himself constantly…

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Quickies: 5 Reasons Men Hate Shopping With Women

I overheard a conversation between a couple of women the other day. It sounded like the problem was one of the ladies couldn’t understand why her husband never wanted to go shopping with her. She stated that he had no qualms dispensing his hardhustled dollars to her to buy whatever her tattooed heart desired, but he would never go. After moments of ramble, it became clear that the issue wasn’t with him staying home, but with her self-esteem. Until she fixes that, her marital problems will continue to magnify her personal ones. Him not wanting to go shopping had nothing to do with any of this.

Had I the gumption to stick my mixing spoon in her proverbial Kool-Aid, I would have given her 5 reasons why he hates going shopping with her. And any woman for that matter. On second thought, I probably should have said something. People have…

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Extraordinaire “Bread And Butter” Video Premiere

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Southern Comfort Entertainment Presents Extraordinaire “Bread And Butter” Video Premiere FaceBook viewing. Like, comment, share, join in, and talk with Extraordinaire about the video via FB on his fan page April 14th at 8PM
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