GET YOURS- produced by DJ POCKET

I know some folk with much talent but they hustle is not up to pizzy (par)..
The thought of it alone made my young head dizzy…
So I’m spread to thin but then..
If I rely on them how the hell Am I gonna win…
You better (get yours n#&*s)cause time is moving too quick.
Sunrise to sunset get all that you can get..
I got Hater’s in the camp, traitors on a rant..
Running they mouth bout what I do and what they can’t..
While they all depressed getting drunk staying stagnate….
Imma go get it like a real estate magnate ..
yessir I will prevail… I’m George Jefferson getting in good with Woodindell…
I cant fail-I’m Godzilla you Godzooki..
I spit that hot sh*t y’all kick some cool dookie….
why bite the hand that feeds you when it don’t need you..
y’all some wet tees to me – so see thru..
you better Get Yours!!!


DJ Pocket & Walter Lee release this video dedicated to the memory of Robert Brown AKA Brikk of the rap group Pinney Woods (1975-2009) who was tragically killed in an act of violence and is call to action to “LET GO & LET GOD”!! From the album Back on the Grid Available now!!

“..linked up with POCKET now the #ACTIVITY is thru the ceiling…” BACK ON THE GRID (VIDEO)

“After a few false starts yeah we Back on the Grid Again..

Had a change of heart for it feeling like a kid again…

Thought about how I could bring back that old feeling ..

linked up with Pocket now the activity is thru the ceiling…

Peeling back my layers feeling like my prayers …

Been answered like they finally release the cure for the cancer…

there ain’t many that can skinny dip thru the bullshit ..

and come out unscathed but now Im here to save the day…

Pave the way break out the concrete..

or get the Shaft word Issac Hayes and  Richard Roundtree…

We totally committed to go get it and …

You listening too two true go getters fam!!”

Album Dropping in June!

Boss Talk w/ DJ Pocket and Walter Lee Younger -PLUS- Vanglorious (In Studio) Video Premiere

DJ Pocket and I talk about our project “Back On The Grid”dropping in a little featuring production by DJ Pocket, Count Bass D, my crew Circa 94 Beats and of course yours truly. Stick around for the ending studio performance of the song “Van Glorious” produced by DJ Pocket & Count Bass D ( with a lil’ additional produce from the “Extraordinary” one LOL)

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